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If you would be asked about your ideal place to stay while completing your university degree, of course, your answer would be your home where you can play loud music or keep the house so quiet when you need to study. You can be comfortable and still have mom’s home cooking and see your family daily. But let’s face it, you need to move out of the house and earn a college degree. You are left with no choice but to get a Toronto student housing as close as possible to the comforts only your home can give you.

To find the perfect Toronto student housing for you, consider these factors:

1. Safety. You don’t want to move into a Ryerson housing that makes you worry about your personal safety. Choose one that has a 24-hour security in the building.

2. Conduciveness. Getting a Toronto student housing that offers private accommodations and comfort even with shared rooms is a major consideration especially when you need personal space to study. Having everything you need in a room is also important, such as a private bath, refrigerator for your late night snacks, a sink to wash your utensils, and of course a mini stove where you can cook when you don’t feel like going out to eat. It would also be nice if you could choose Ryerson housing where housekeeping is included in the package so you no longer have to worry about cleaning your room while you do your academic reviews. Most Toronto student housing are designed to meet the varied needs of university students, all you need to do is find the right one.

3. Technologically advanced. Education nowadays no longer relies on books alone. Choose a Toronto student housing that provides the latest technological amenities needed to make access to information faster and a lot easier such as wireless Internet access and computer desks with matching computer hubs. Since communication falls in the category of technology, communication and entertainment tools must also be a consideration in choosing your Ryerson housing. Prefer a student residence where you can have your own telephone number with voicemail and television with cable connection to know the latest news. By having these important amenities in your room, you would feel like you haven’t left the house at all.

4. Health conscious. Let your health be among the top priority when choosing Ryerson housing. Consider that your parents won’t be around to remind you what you should eat, so let your chosen Ryerson housing do that for you by providing healthy food at every meal.  Most university students are so busy studying that they are no longer conscious of what they eat. Dialing a food chain’s number for take-out food would be more convenient rather than preparing a healthy salad for dinner. This might be true, but you don’t have to gobble junk foods all your college days if you choose a Ryerson housing that prepares healthy foods for their busy residents.

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